USOW Is Going Online This Summer!

USOW 2020 – First Year Students

We pray that you are doing well, and we are so excited to take this 10-week journey with you this summer! We wanted to reach out and let you know of some changes that are coming to USOW this summer. Recently our team met and discussed the United School of Ministry and our current situation in society. Through prayer and discussion, we have decided to host USOW online this summer. We believe that revelation through teaching can be done virtually and we are being very intentional about creating spaces for you and your instructors to talk through these subjects and maintain a level of connection through this walk. To give you a clearer picture, here are some details of how this year will look.

Virtual Orientation – Monday, May 25th, Thursday, May 30th

On Monday, May 25th, you will receive an email with a video walkthrough of all of the information that you will need throughout USOW. You will also receive a syllabus, login information for the USOW website and more. Then, on Thursday May 30th, we will host a Orientation Zoom meeting to take any questions that you might have and make sure that everything is set for your first week.

First Year Students


Classes – Starting Saturday, May 30th

Your weekly class and worship set video will be available to you on Saturday, May 30th at 8a. This will begin your first week, which will include assignments, both online through discussion boards and homework that you must turn in. You will also have a weekly zoom meeting with your class and instructor to discuss the topic in your class video and ask questions that you may have for clarity on the topic. Here is a sample of what your weekly schedule will look like…

Worship Set Released – Saturday, May 30th @ 8a

*We will include weekly worship set lists through YouTube for you to listen to and worship with over the week. These worship set lists will be tailored to the topic of the week.

Class Video Released – Saturday, May 30th @ 8a

*This will be a video with your instructor, teaching on that week’s topic.

Instructor Zoom – Monday, June 1st @ 8p

*This will be a time for you to see and talk to the same instructor that taught in your class video. You can ask them anything pertaining to what was taught in their class. This will also be a time to check in about assignments and other school related matters. This zoom will include all First-Year students.

Initial Online Post Due – Tuesday, June 2nd by Midnight

* will be a critical part of your participation. This is where you will interact with other students and discuss the weekly question, posed by your instructor. You will be responsible for an initial post, which will be outlined in your syllabus.

Online Response Post Due – Thursday, June 4th by Midnight

*Once everyone has posted their initial posts online, everyone will be responsible to reply to others. These details will be outlined in your syllabus.

Homework Assignments Due – Friday, June 5th by Midnight

*Each week you will have reading assignments and other homework due. Weekly homework will be due every Friday by midnight. You will be able to submit that through the USOW website.

Finances – Modified due to venue change…

The typical cost for USOW is $175 for the entire summer. With this enrollment fee, we are able to pay for supplies, classroom space, teachers and other expenses. With the venue change and taking into consideration the economic hardship that some are going through right now, we have decided to reduce the enrollment fee for USOW this year to $110.

USOW Worship Nights – Multiple dates throughout summer

Although most of the summer will be online, we are still hosting three worship nights over the summer for those students who are local. We will live stream for those who are not able to attend. These dates are…

USOW Worship Night – Friday, June 26th @ 7p (Columbus Campus)

USOW Worship Night – Friday, July 24th @ 7p (Columbus Campus)

USOW Worship/Commissioning Night – Saturday, August 8th @ 7p (Columbus Campus)

Graduation – Sunday, August 9th

We are still planning for an in-person graduation ceremony at The Potter’s House – Columbus on Sunday, August 9th at 10a. As we approach this date, we will keep you updated on our plans for Graduation.

Student/Teacher Connection –

We want you to know that we will constantly be here for you. Through our website and your syllabus, you will have contact information for each and every one of our USOW faculty. We will be available to answer questions that you may have about class topics, homework assignments, technical issues and anything else you may run into.

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