The United School of Worship was designed to be a place where worshippers, musicians, singers and worship leaders can come and grow in knowledge and experience. Our staff consists of worship leaders, Pastors, musicians and singers who have spent their entire life growing in the knowledge of who God the Father is and the role that worship plays in life and in the church. We want biblical understanding to be at the forefront of why we worship. It is why our first year is all about the "why" and not necessarily about the "how". We believe that time spent in the presence of God and allowing Him to transform us and mold us is the most important thing that a person can do. USOW combines those two things into a weekly practice.

We want to take our experience and help other teams grow. We desire to be a resource for churches who are looking for connection and ideas to help their teams and churches grow in understanding and functioning in worship. We are here to help strengthen the local church and see God receive the glory that He rightly deserves!

Why USOW? Because we believe that God is calling His worshippers to an elevated understanding of what they have been called to do and to understand the authority that comes with their calling.

We are here to answer any questions that you may have and hope that you prayerfully consider making the Summer of 2020 a summer of pursuit!

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